The transmission function

With the doTransmission option in the param.dat file, the transmissions function \(\tau\)

\[\tau = \int_0^\infty e^{-\kappa \tilde{m}} d\nu = \int_0^1 e^{-\kappa \tilde{m}} dy\]

can be calculated for a set of column masses \(\tilde{m}\), where \(\tilde{m}\) is set according to:

\[\tilde{m}_i = e^{((i - nTr/2) \cdot dTr)}.\]

The parameters nTr and dTr can be set in the param.dat file. The transmission function is stored in the file Out<name>_tr.dat,

An example of the transmission function for fife bins is shown in Fig. 11.

Relevant parameters for this example:
  • doStoreFullK = 1

  • doTransmission = 2

  • nbins = 5

  • nTr = 1000

  • dTr = 0.05


Fig. 11 Transmission function